Matsumoto’s Sunny on hiatus pending magazine transfer

The editors of Shogakukan’s Ikki magazine — which serialised Matsumoto’s No. 5 and Sunny — announced in July that the magazine will cease publication on September 25th. The magazine began as a one-off special in 2000; spawned as a spin-off of Big Comic Spirits magazine. It eventually became its own monthly publication in 2003.

In a follow-up announcement last week, it was revealed the magazine will be replaced by a new monthly publication this Winter, in which only a small number of manga from Ikki will continue serialisation. Sunny will transfer to Monthly Big Comic Spirits in January, but is on hiatus until then.

Big Comic Spirits magazine has previously serialised Hanaotoko, ZERO, Ping Pong, Takemitsu Zamurai and Tekkonkinkreet. The monthly version of the magazine has been in publication since 2009.

Source: ANN

Ping Pong, Peco vs. Dragon. Comparison between Taiyo Matsumoto’s manga and Masaaki Yuasa’s 2014 anime adaptation. See a comparison between the manga and Fumihiko Sori’s 2002 live-action film adaptation here.

Photographs from last months exhibition IKKI TO THE NEXT STAGE!! which was held at the Yokote Masuda Manga Museum. The exhibition features work from artists who have featured in Ikki magazine, of which Taiyo Matsumoto has been a regular contributor (No. 5 was serialized in Ikki, along with Sunny, which is still on-going).

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